Should I Ever Vote Again?

Good evening dear readers (no idea why I started this blog like I am Danny DeVito in L.A. Confidential).
I think I am getting used to blogging again, and enjoying it!

So I am afraid I must return to my default subject politics!!
What have we learnt over the last few days in the nursery we are supposed to trust to run the country?
Well after Theresa May tried to lay the blame for a lack of Brexit squarely at the well funded doors of parliament, and the resultant inevitable parliamentary backlash. We are no closer to any decision on our countries future than we were at the beginning of this whole process.
A series of indicative votes were held trying to find a way forward and parliament tried to seize  control of the Brexit process from the government. From this we found out parliament hasn’t the first clue of what to do with Brexit, and all 8 proposals were rejected meaning we  are no closer to any solution.
Theresa May then played what I believe could be the final card she has to play and offered to step aside should her Brexit deal be passed by parliament, and the DUP have still refused to back the deal because of the Irish backstop.
There is more but as you can see from this brief synopsis we are still in a right old mess!! Nobody knows what to do with the Brexit process because only a few MP’s actually wanted to see the UK leave the EU.
Added to this the fact whatever anyone says you can not convince me that the EU is not seeking to punish us for wanting to leave in the first place, and we have a heck of a crises on our hands!

This has led to many members of the public declaring they will never  vote again because parliament will never listen to what the ordinary person in the street has to say!! So should I ever vote again?
Well the first thing to say is that an advantage of living in this country is that when we vote in elections politicians have no choice but to listen so long as we are willing to vote against the political norms.
If we vote for the same tired old parties then nothing with EVER change!!!
So we have the council elections coming up, and if no consensus has been made on Brexit and we are left in the EU for longer than the short delay originally planned, we will have European Parliament elections as well and a promise from prominent Brexiteer Nigel Farage that he will create a new Brexit party to contest the elections.
If people vote the way they have always voted, so certain areas always vote for Labour and other areas always vote Conservative, then you will never see a change to what we already have.
However if people decide to be bold and vote a little differently then I believe we should definitely vote again!

Let me delve into this in a little more detail. Up and down the country there are areas that have always voted Labour, and that area almost always returns Labour MP’s. These areas tend to be but are not limited to the old industrial heartlands of the north and midlands, and the valleys of Wales. Tory voters have tended to be in more affluent areas either of the industrial cities, or the countryside.
In each of these ‘safe seats’ the majority always seem to go with the flow of the traditional party of the area, and only a few will vote against the trend of the main parties. You also get a lot of apathy within these areas where peoples attitudes are ‘well the same person always gets in anyway so why bother at all.’ Now I live in one of those seats and without giving too much away it is a norther former industrial heartland, so Labour almost always get into the seat in question.
Political parties tend to be very content in these areas and expect to win the seat. In fact in many respects they use these seats as ‘bankers’ in any election, so can almost always calculate a minimum number of seats they will win. Now I know as with anything there are exceptions to this rule  especially in bi – elections, but for the most part this theory does hold water.

Now this is why I believe we should still vote (apart from the fact people DID die to provide us with this privilege)!
I have always believed in proportional representation as the fairest way to decide elections, even though you may not get a majority of any single party and coalitions are far more common. However this question was asked in a recent election and was voted down so it will not happen any time soon (although I feel if the argument was properly made for PR then it would have passed).
So here is my radical notion for all voters in this country. Go against the grain!!! Vote against the established parties in every seat!! Whomever appears on the ballot paper who is not affiliated with the major parties (and are not part of the supposed independent group in parliament), give them your vote.
I deplore violence threatened or otherwise that is currently being lobbied against MP’s, however a method that would work amazingly and really would impact the establishment  is to vote for the independent or the non extreme fringe party. Send those people to parliament instead of the same tired politicians who refuse to enact the will of the people.
Instead of threatening violence against the MP of a constituency who voted to leave, but refuses to represent the will of the people who put them in parliament in the first place. Make sure they are not returned to parliament the next time you get the chance to vote for your MP!!
Check out the ballot and see who is named on there then select  the candidate who doesn’t represent a major party and give them the chance to do the will of the people and not their own will.

The parties that have failed to produce what the majority of the electorate voted for should be ejected from the political process altogether and others given the chance to shine who recognise the people who put them there.
People who might represent YOU instead of just themselves, and a point I would make here as an illustration is had the vote gone the other way would we still be having these discussions about a second referendum? Well no is the simple answer to this, people are flying off the handle because the vote didn’t go the way they wanted it to. However that is probably a full blog for another day.

In conclusion I will say if you want real change the please keep voting, but change you habits. If you want to punish those we sent to parliament then for goodness sake don’t threaten violence against them! Do something that will really make the political elite stand up and take notice, vote for the candidate who is not a part  of that elite and never has been. Vote for the independent candidate of fringe non extreme party. Let the establishment know we will not simply go away, we will not do what they want and not vote at all, because my guarantee about that is this. If you fail to vote change will NEVER happen and it is what the politicians want you to do. The less people vote the more likely the established candidate will win. The more angry voters vote the way I suggested, the more likely they are to realise we exist, and we are not something they can just scrape off their shoes because they stepped on us one too many times.

‘People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people.’ (V for Vendetta 2004 film).

As always my opinions are my own and thanks for reading.