An Uncomfortable Reality

A very happy new year to all who may read this my first blog post of 2022, and the first I have made in a long time!

Now I could give excuses about being too busy or something like that but the truth is I have not felt up to blogging for quite sometime now. It seems I have allen out of love with lots of my hobbies and paying attention to the outside world has not been high on my agenda recently. I think the only thing I still do is play a ridiculous football game on my tablet all the time to try and forget the world or something like that for a small amount of time at least.

I thought I would at leat start to write this though as it has been on my mind for sometime and I am unsure if I will finish and publish it or if it will just be one of many half finished blogs I have saved in drafts.

I have seen so much on the news and social media recently about the ‘woke’ generation relating to protests amounting to the Insulate Britain protests we had recently or something in the news about Greta Thunberg and climate change. Added to that we have seen the recent anniversary of the Capitol riots in the United States and it got me thinking is there such a thing as a human utopia for all and what exactly would that look like? This is leading up to the title which is I don’t think there is such a thing, at least not the all encompasssing everyone loves everyone else and lives in harmony utopia of novels and films.

The truth is what I call ‘the human condition.’ Now I may have mentioned this is blogs before I honestly can’t remember nor can I be bothered to check but, it runs on a very simple premise namely there will always be those so determined to either reach or stay at the top they do not care who they have to hurt or exploit to get there!

Take the concept of Communism and Karl Marx and his belief in the Communist Manifesto that when everyone was equal and wealth distributed equally that systems of government would break down and people would live in essentially utopia (I forget what Marx called it). He said this would happen after the proletariat had risen up against the bourgeoisie then after a period of wealth redistribution the aforementioned breaking down of government would happen (I am simplifying I know but its far too long to explain in detail). Even though there have been many attempts to create this utopian society along Communist ideals it seems govnerments far from naturally breaking apart seem to have virtual police states in order that the leaders of these nations can maintain power over the people not in any way for the people. Communism amazing on paper but impossible to make a reality due to ‘the human condition.’ The new leaders found they liked the new power and luxury various revolutions afforded them for example various leaders of the old Soviet Union didn’t live in primitive wood shacks on the outskirts of Moscow when seizing power, and I am almot certain the communist leaders of China don’t either. I am also sure that I read somewhere Fiedel Castro had a private yacht and an island get away yet has been lauded as great freedom fighter and at least Socialist by some. Someone once said power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and I am sure that the people of Cuba have had even wealth distribution since the enaction of Communist and Socialist ideals. It is also interesting how much like politicians some of these environmental protests leaders are avoiding any sort of questioning that brings into scope the impact on ordinary people. As is always the case politicians will not answer direct questions with direct answers as they seem to either storm off or repeat a singular message and this has been going on for as long as I can remember.

Its not to say that the system the UK, USA, or any so call ‘democratic states’ are any better. Lets start in the UK with monarchy born into privilege and money with large country estates and the lap of luxury on their doorsteps. My father calls them the original gangsters and I guess in many respects they are. Winning battles and claiming thrones for themselves while claiming they ruled by ‘divine right’ and, now just a relic of the age of monarchy allowing financial stability for the chosen few. Or then there are monarchies in the other parts of the world who still rule through fear. Our so called democracies which allows anyone from any background to rise to the top through hardwork and determination alone while at the same time allows the rich or those from rich families to manipulate systems of governance and justice because they can afford to. I often feel the American Dream as it has been titled is just code speak from the rich and wealthy for if you don’t make it its your own fault don’t look at us.

The truth is this where there is ambition there are people who will roll over literally anyone so they can reach the top and then can’t understand people being critical for that afterall they made it so what is the big deal? Or maybe the competitive belief that they reacted quicker so it was fair game. Where there are those born into wealth and privilege there will be a sense of entitlement and the attitude that they deserve the best on a family name alone and even if someone does make it from nothing to wealthy it is their children and grandchildren who then believe they are entitled. Where there is narcissism there are people who will never understand what the problem is as they are the best. Even those who claim to be doing things for the good of the planet have turned to the rhetoric of if you will do nothing we will make you do something and while you can play with the ethical ramifications of this it is not everyone’s utopia. What about the two well known sayings one persons rubbish is anothers treasure or one mans kingdom is anothers hell (I may have made that up). As people can be so different utopia for one does not denote utopia for another so at the base level for example one person may not be willing to help another as giving up something frivolous that they feel they are entitled to is too much even though it may help someone else in the long run.

So there you have it an uncomfortable truth for us all people will never learn from history, ideology may look great on paper but seldom works in public, utopia for one could be hell for another, the rich and wealthy manipulate the system to suit their own needs. The human condition in all its glory.

As always my opinions are my own many thanks for reading.


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